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What is the National Home Decarbonisation Group?

The NHDG is for the Retrofit contractors, construction companies and RMI contractors delivering large-scale, high-quality energy efficiency retrofit installations in a PAS compliant manner to all tenures of UK housing. These companies through large-scale decarbonisation of homes are positively impacting millions of people suffering through the energy, cost of living, health and climate crises, while also coming together to innovate and inspire real change. 

Organisations represented by the NHDG will be involved in large-scale social housing frameworks for energy efficiency measures installation, and will likely be closely involved in delivering schemes under the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2, Local Authority Delivery projects, Sustainable Warmth or projects funded directly by local authorities and housing providers in the UK. 

Derek Horrocks will chair the group, bringing forth his expertise from chairing the National Insulation Association. Secretariat will be provided by Gemserv, and group membership services will be led by Gwerin Management.

Who can join the Group?

Membership of the NHDG will be considered if the prospective member is a Tier 1 contractor (company that deals directly with the client) or energy supplier that contractually and directly delivers £15+ million turnover per year of whole house decarbonisation retrofit.

To be considered, the applicant must provide evidence to support that it meets the criteria in that they operate in the residential retrofit industry at scale. Evidence includes: 

  • Completed application form;
  • The most recent audited accounts for the past two trading years; and
  • Evidence of large scale retrofit works either delivered or secured (minimum of £15 million).

Please be aware that the eligibility criteria may be changed at any time by the group.

Why should I join the NHDG?

The continuation of national and devolved government support for the decarbonisation of roughly 26 million homes across the UK is critical not just for meeting UK Net Zero targets by 2050, but also to provide the confidence needed to invest in the necessary skills training and employment of the ‘Retrofit Army’ needed to install these measures. 

The industry has seen commitment to retrofit projects diluted or under-funded previously and we believe that central and devolved government needs to receive a strong and positive message from experience contractors and confirm the ability of the supply chain to deliver targets. 

The National Home Decarbonisation Group will lead on three core pillars of growth:


Our strategic partner, The Retrofit Academy will lead the development of quality retrofit role training across the UK.


Maintaining the status quo will just not ‘cut it’ in terms of delivering the UK Net Zero targets so the sector must innovate to support significant growth. This group will lead innovation in the sector.


Properly shaped, Government support for continued delivery is essential. Too many opportunities have been missed due to large projects not being funded in time. We will work directly with government to make clear the views of the ‘at scale’ delivery organisations across UK.

We believe that over 80% of Large-Scale (PAS: 2035 compliant) domestic Retrofit in the UK, will be carried out by members of the NHDG.

Are there joining fees?

The annual membership fee for most organisations (turnover in excess of £15 million) is set at £5,000 per annum. Members of the National Insulation Association (NIA) that meet the criteria will automatically gain entry.

What will the group deliver?

We will provide a strong message to government about the readiness of the sector to deliver essential decarbonisation targets and the opportunity to be a critical friend of government at all levels. 

The NHDG will also provide a forum for the sharing of best practice in technical, operational and strategic collaboration toward the shared goals for UK decarbonisation. We understand the importance of commercial confidentiality and the group will not tolerate collusion or the discussion of commercial confidences. We will however ensure that the members of the Group are stronger by far than the sum of their parts.


How do I join?

We have a simple joining form that allows your details to be added without complex form completion. 


For general enquiries please contact